The system & how it works

Airnip is an essential working tool, which integrates every process effectively and transparently, just like your operating system on your computer.

Agency dashboard

  • See if your projects are on or off the track

  • Workload and capacity alerts to locate resources

  • Visible deadline and profitability risks

  • Yearly revenue reports

  • Ongoing progress view

Check your agency’s health on a single dashboard. This comes in handy for those who always want to keep an eye on the big picture.


  • Wide range of templates

  • Brief templates made by agency experts or create your own

  • Have your clients' needs always on hand

Briefing has never been this smooth. Bring an organized new era to speak the same language with all the participants.


  • Get estimations from team members

  • Request offers from contractors

  • Estimate the expected profit

  • Customize the look & feel of your quote and export it in PDF

Two heads are often better than one. Create personalized quotes for your clients swiftly by collaborating with your contractors and teammates within Airnip.

Roadmap & capacity

  • Easily find teammates with free capacity

  • Plan your team’s workload

  • Assign team members or contractors

  • Compare task estimates with actual logs

  • Get recommended teammates for tasks based on skills and free capacity

  • Add recurring tasks

  • And many more...

The heart and soul of Airnip. Our timeline and resource planning system is ready to visualize the most complex projects.

Monitor projects

  • Actual time logs vs Estimated hours

  • Get alert of upcoming events, deadlines, milestones

  • See who is over- or underloaded, fill the gaps

  • Monitor whether teammates’ commitments are being met

  • Check task statuses

  • Direct access to project’s brief, quote and timeline

An all ears alert system is ready to take a 24-hour job for you.

Time tracking

  • Have your team members log their time in Airnip

  • Check your team’s logs and compare it with estimates

Use our time tracking tool within Airnip.


  • Client list

  • Contractor list

  • Add resource accounts

  • Add skills to team members

  • Set permission & roles for members

  • Manage your quotes in multi currencies and get reports exchanged into your preferred currency

  • Get notifications about relevant events

You are the captain, you deserve full control over your processes.